Frequently Asked Questions

UNIVERSALPAYDAY is a peer-to-peer giving and receiving platform for members, to help fellow members in an efficient way. By using this scheme, members give and receive from each other.
Depending on the package you join, UNIVERSALPAYDAY is a community of like mind who are interested in providing help to their upline to receive donations from downlines. The upline is provided automatically to you by our system. In turn you will receive spillover of members as well who will in turn provide help to you.
There aren't any obligations to force members to join your downline. The system is designed for automation, as new members will be auto assigned to older members.
The different packages are categorized to accommodate the specified donation amount of different level. The higher your selected package, the more money you can earn and accomplish your dream in life.
The system is timed, in which the recipient of the donation will be conscious to approve the donation. If the timer reaches 0 and the donation has not been confirmed, you will need to contact support via [email protected] with proof of donation, i.e., a scanned copy of the teller or the Transaction details made through the payment processor and bank statement.
Once you have donated and have been fully activated by your sponsor, then you are liable to receive your payment from 2 donors through bank payment using the banking information supplied during registration.
This depends upon the flow at which members joins the platform. You can join and get paid same day. It is typically on or before 14 days.
As long as you have been matched to the user, the system will remove the referral and assign another immediately after the referral exceed his commitment time which is usually 6 Hours.
No, donations are given willingly. UNIVERSALPAYDAY has no control over transactions between members.
Since your earning in UNIVERSALPAYDAY is proportional to your donation, UNIVERSALPAYDAY is not a pyramid scheme that allows only top members of the hierarchy to get paid.
Yes, it is legal as it does not go against any law whatsoever because giving money by one participant to another one is not prohibited by either international or local legal systems.